My Hike on Mt. Cook

First let me start off by saying I did not hike Mt. Cook. I did however go on the Hooker Valley trail that took a total of 4 hours. During my journey I was able to reflect and let God share with me the thoughts He had for me. I would like to share 10 of them with you and maybe they will speak to you. This will be a long blog, but I promise to share lots and lots of magnificient photos.  So here we go!

1. Prep for the various elements and it’s okay if you don’t have all of the equipment or clothing….you can still succeed

Before I went on the trail my tour director shared that before I go to make sure to layer up, take water and some chocolate for energy (I like that chocolate for energy) He said just because it looks really nice and sunny where we are, it can be very different on your walk.

This advice stood out to me because it speaks to life preparation. There are various elements that are to come and you don’t know what they maybe but you should do some preparation, but it is okay that I did not have everything because I still succeeded and this speaks to my life. I do not have to have everything accomplished and have  all the knowledge in order to be successful. By the way I experienced, rain, snow, really cold weather, really warm weather, very windy aspects and places where is was so calm and still.

2. Each step counts and even the little bridges have meaning

As I was on my hike I took about 26,000 steps to get to my destination. I would not have made the journey if I did not take the first step and keep taking them along the way. Some of my steps were short and choppy, some were long strides. All my steps were not perfect, but that didn’t matter. All that really matters is that each step counts.

3.Stop, look up and even behind you

During the journey the views were breathtaking but I found my self looking at the ground and trying to just get to my location. When I caught myself I would say “Stop and look up” Look at what God has done, don’t miss this, take it in. I realized this is how I can be in my daily life. Keep my eyes down and grind it out cause I am trying to get to my goal. I never felt I could really stop and look up because I was so focused on the end, but what this is showing me is that I do need to stop and just look up. There are some really wonderful views to take in that are just as important to the destination.

4.When you trip along the way it is a reminder to pick your feet up. 

On my way back to the hotel I tripped a few times because I was tired and not picking up my feet.  Those little trips served as a reminder to pick my feet up or I would fall. There are various trips that occur in my life and they too serve as a reminder to pick whatever I am slacking on up.

5.It takes time

I really disliked when people would tell me it takes time, but on this trip I was able to witness what taking your time looks like. The mountains in New Zealand were formed by the clashing of tectonic plates, the etching of glaciers and the consistent chiseling of the water. Millions and millions of years of taking it’s time has resulted in a beauty like no other. I must keep in mind that God has created everything to form in its own timing and I am no different.

6. Waiting to bloom

During the trail I was able to see some native New Zealand daisies. Each daisy I saw there were other buds that had not opened yet. This delicate flower showed me that all flowers don’t bloom at the same time and it is okay for the one flower to shine and be seen, because those unopened buds will soon have it’s turn. So just wait your turn if you are a bud waiting to bloom.

7.Carved out for the overflow

Throughout the trail there were what looked like ditches and I found out they were places where streams occur when there are heavy rains and the lakes are full. This was one of my favorite symbolisms because it spoke to waiting for the overflow. Don’t wait until you need to find a place to put your overflow build it now with the expectation of overflow.

8.The diversity creates the beauty

At Mt. Cook there were so many different textures, vegetation, places that looked very lush and places that looked really dry. There were spaces where it was light and dark in the same place. The contrasting elements were wonderful and when you saw it all together it was absolutely stunning. Nature’s diversity revealed to me that the rock did not have to conform into the water because they were in the same space or that snow on the mountains had to melt away because the sun was shining brillantly over the lakes. These elements were able to exist in there natural state and they all had a purpose. That is how humanity should be seen. People of different races and backgrounds do not have to conform in order to fit into a space. No one has to lose themselves for our communities to work. Respect all the elements and understand that we all have a purpose and that is what will make this world beautiful.

9. Rocks while still flowing

There were a lot of spaces that had water running and there were a lot of rocks in the streams and gourges. What I saw was the water being flexible and not letting the rocks keep it from getting to the lake. For my life there are going to be rocks that present itself as I move toward my goals and it is important for me to be flexible and not let it stop my progress.

10.Anchored by something stronger than yourself

On the trail in order to see the glaciers you had to cross over three suspended bridges. I was very nervous on the first bridge but it got easier along the way. When I crossed my second bridge I noticed the bridge was anchored in the rocks. I thought how fitting for me to see this. The bridge that provides a path for people to cross is anchored in something that is much deeper and stonger than the bridge.

 The anchor can withstand the weight and it is unwavering. All I can say is that God has and continues to serve as the anchor in my life and He has ben unwavering.

I truly enjoyed the journey and reflection of my hike on Mt. Cook. I look forward to continuing to reflect on this ENTIRE trip.

I know I am a couple of blog posts behind, I still have to share with you about my day trip to the spectular Milford Sound and what I did on my free day. I promise to catch up and provide some stunning photos. Tomorrow we will leave the south island and fly to the north island. Gotta get some sleep. Stay tuned.

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